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CJ-7 Harley Hauler

Links for the Do-It-Your-selfer and other interest:

I can stand paying 35-45 to 75-85 $$$ per hour for some hack to work on my bike.  That's why I got started in this business.  It's also why I provide these link to you.  If you are in an area where you have a crew you run with, I would seriously have some discussion about cashing in on some of the items seen here.


Motorcycle Professional Table Lift -
Spend $15,000 on a bike, why not $549  for a bike lift.

No Mar tire Changer
- Stop paying $50 an hour to have your tires changed.  This thing is Cool!
Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker - If you don't have the cash for the "No Mar" above... then try this.  (This thing kicks ass)

Get your US Coast Guard Riders Decal as seen below...(more)

Click to enlarge

NEW:   Sept 4th-8th:  Sector LA/LB and ISC San Pedro Chiefs invite you to the´┐ŻEscape The Basin Motorcycle Run ...(more)

Your military club announcement here...(more)
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